Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baggy gains confidence!

Baggy had been hissing at everyone all morning. Everyone tried to be friendly, but the poor girl was not ready yet.

 The only person she did not hiss at was good old Uncle Bobby!

All was well this afternoon, so I quickly made a dash for the post office to send off a few packages of tshirts.

Just before I left...

 Baggy was hissing at the door... poor little Tabs.

After I got home, Baggy was nowhere to be seen....

 But the Holey Box was overturned...and all the cats were looking at it.

 There you are, Baggy!

 Everyone was quite concerned. I think they were trying to help Baggy get out from under the box, but didn't know how.


 Connie James came to visit this afternoon, and she played with Baggy.

 And Tiger. Or is it Tabs? They are both getting to be the same size soon!

 And Cow, too.

Everyone came to say hello. Guess they can sense an animal lover instantly.

 Baggy was playing the "Catch my Paw" game all afternoon. You'd remember she and Baloo played this game when I was fostering them? Well, she remembers the rules.


 All tired out after playing. Baggy feels very safe in the Holey.

 Or, this little sanctuary she created for herself.

Well, the fishpad is here, of course it is safe.

She loves the blue feather and played with it all afternoon until part of it got torn off!

Dinner was good. Baggy ate on her own.

However, I still had not seen her pee or poo, though at one time, I saw her walking out from the common litter box.

As though reading my mind, Baggy did this after dinner...

 She went to the litter box.

I had to keep Cow away, he is still stalking her.

 She squatted for what seemed a VERY long time. Well, I don't think she had pee-ed at all ever since coming to my house. I went to the vet's today to ask, and he said sometimes they don't pee or poo for up to 3 days and it is still okay. It's stress.

 Now, that's a HUGE pee, lasting over a few minutes!!


 And she did it again. She must have kept this pee for days and now, it just had to come out.

 She's very confident now. No longer timid at all. Her place is beside me on this side-table.


Chen said...

The tabby with Connie looks like Tabs - got brown highlights.

chankahyein said...

LOL! You're right!

Connie said...

Yes that's Tabs! She's really a cutie! How wonderful it is if Baggy start to friend her... Play all day long hahaha