Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The new faster-than-lightning escape artist

Indy and Pole have been trounced as the king and queen of escape.

There is a new faster-than-the-speed-of-lightning escape artist in my colony.

Who is it?

Call me Supertabs!

For many weeks now, she has perfected the art of zipping out of the grille the moment we open it to come into the room or go out. She escapes something to the tune of 6 times a day, but it seemed to be just for the thrill of escaping.

It's like, "Yay...I win! I escaped!!"

She would then strut around the living room waiting to be caught and brought back into the room.


A few days ago, she decided to venture further.

As quick as lightning, we strutted upstairs this time (and it was at night), ran into our bedroom and escaped through the window.

We didn't know. I thought it was one of her usual now-come-take-me-back-from-the-living-room escapades so I delayed a bit before going out to catch her. I was also busy packing tshirts for the PetWorld event.

The moment I got up and went out of the room, she was no where to be found.

I searched everywhere, including the garden, and I knew she was gone from the house.

So I went out of the house and started calling for her.

Some of the neighbourhood cats came by but of course they could not tell me if they had seen a particularly adventurous tabby prancing about.

I went up and down the road and went back into the garden to look again as it was dark.

Still no Tabs.

Oh dear...where is the naughty girl?

Went out to the road again, and there she was - up on the neighbour's roof, trying to get down. But, couldn't.

I quickly told my husband to get her back from our bedroom upstairs.

He went up to call her, but she was scared.

I thought we had to call the fire brigade already, but soon after, the naughty one managed to get back onto our roof and came back near enough to our window. I grabbed her and whisked her back into the room downstairs.

Last night, she did it again. This time, it was a matter of 3 seconds, I think. Pretty much at the speed of lightning, I would say.

She made a dash for upstairs and she was gone. I was dead tired from 3 days' of event and my legs were already aching like crazy. I knew she was on the roof as that seems to be her new playground. My husband said to let her be; she'll come back when she's done having fun.

But I thought I'd better go get her.

So, I went upstairs and the naughty girl came back. Grabbed her, brought her back into the room and she got tapped on the ears by my husband. He says that's how you reprimand a cat. And somehow, that worked because since then, she has not dared to escape again! Or maybe, it's just temporary?

 I got whacked on the ears....

 But I'm still Supertabs!

You'd think this innocent face can't possibly be mischievous?


Alicia said...

Human: tap on the ears
Tabs: whacked on the ears

That made me let out a laugh. Tabs seems to be listening more to your husband.
Good to hear that Bobby is doing better.

chankahyein said...

Yes, she does. She was smart enough to "butter" him the first day she came to our house. She followed him back, not me. That's how she got to stay. My husband had said no more cats, but Tabs got her way and got to stay. Is that smart or what, right? LOL!

Chen said...

Tabs is super in all ways!!!