Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yoshee with her new family!

Sree just sent these photos!


 Yoshee and her new brother who is only 4 months old.

 Yoshee going for a walk on leash. Doesn't she look quite stately in this photo?

Sree says they have decided to keep the name "Yoshee".

What a happy beginning!

Thank you, Sree and family!

And we shall always remember it was Pn Rahah who alerted us and because of that, Yoshee is off the streets and now has a happy and loving forever home. Most importantly, she has escaped the danger of being captured by the local council.

Now, this is truly a case of "working together for the animals" with each of us doing what we can within our means.


Donovan said...

So happy to see Yoshee in her forever home.

Fenton Yong said...

Yoshee will definitely look after her new brother very well. And thanks all the people involved (Pn Rahah, Dr Chan, the vet, the people that pray for her, Sree and her family) in leading Yoshee to his new found life!

nandhini said...

yeay yoshee in her new home! this is called 'great team work' !