Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yoshee's surgery went well

Sree called me this morning, and I drove Yoshee to the clinic, with her toy, of course.

She was initially reluctant to get into the car. She doesn't seem to be too happy with getting into a car. Instead, she led me to the gate, thinking we would be going for a walk (I had her leash on). Even her toy failed to entice her into the car.

So I carried her in and put her in the backseat, with her toy.


 Sitting obediently as I looked back while we stopped at the traffic lights.

 Sree came out to meet us and I handed the leash over.

Guess this is it. Yoshee is Sree's dog now.

 Sree carried her upstairs where the surgery would be done first thing this morning.

I spoke with the vet. Just the normal stuff that I say each time we send any animal in, ie. Yoshee's very precious, please do everything to ensure she gets the very best. Needless words, as all my pets and our previous rescues come to this clinic, and if I don't trust this vet, I don't think I can trust any other vet in the world. Of course, Yoshee is in good hands, but one just has to say something for one's peace of mind.

The vet understands.

By then I was a total nervous wreck so I got into my car, drove further on, parked by the side of the road and had a good cry. I don't know what I was crying about, whether I was worried about the surgery (every surgery is risky, I know and nobody can ensure everything will go well, not even the best vet in the world), or having to part with Yoshee, or what the future lies in store for all of us, especially Yoshee. Of course she will be in good hands. Sree is my friend. It is  better than rehoming her to a total stranger where we have to get to know the person from scratch.

I did tell Sree that in the event (just in case) that things do not work out for Yoshee, or there are incompatibility issues with their puppy, she could always return Yoshee to me. But I'm sure everything will work out just fine.

It's only been 3 days, but this is how fast a dog (or puppy) endears herself to you. Dogs and puppies are such adorable animals, I think they live to please and they would do anything to make you happy. Cats are generally a little bit more aloof, but they still endear themselves to you and it is equally heart-breaking when you have to part with your fosters.

Being as adorable and as eager-to-please as she is, I'm sure Yoshee will endear herself to Sree's mother-in-law in no time.

I texted at 11am and the surgery had just finished. All went well. Phew! Thank you, Dr. And thank you for everyone's prayers for a safe surgery today.

At 12.15pm, Sree said Yoshee is still in dizzy mode and has not fully awaken yet. I asked if I could bring some food later and Sree said ok. So, I'll go prepare the food now.

Just for the record, no AnimalCare funds have been used for Yoshee at all. Yoshee is my personal rescue. Her medical check-up, treatment and food are all borne by me. Sree is paying for the spaying.


Wong Yoke Mei said...

I also feel like crying....phewww......

loh lay peng said...

Hooray!the happiest news.Happy for u.

nizam said...

i have been following Yoshee's story and of course all the other postings before this. Yes, it is hard to depart from animals that we rescued, but to be positive as you said Dr, Yoshee is going to a friend's house. It will be good for her with God's willing :)

Linda Low said...

I cried but I am also relieved that Yoshee is in good hands. God bless and take good care of her!

Ming said...

Sree works there rite?

chankahyein said...

Yes, she does.

Bernice said...

My heart aches everytime one of our fostered furkids goes to a new home....I love them all, and still do, and still think of them often and sends happy thoughts to them. We all do our best...You did your best too. Now smile a lil and be happy, for Yoshee is no longer at the bank, and now have a forever home. :)