Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yoshee is as happy as a lark in her new home

Yoshee's rehoming:

I met Sree yesterday, and she told me all about Yoshee.

Yoshee has made herself totally at home in Aunty's (Sree's mother-in-law's) house and has become Aunty's personal bodyguard. Aunty is also very fond of Yoshee (who wouldn't be?). Perhaps the happiest of all is Yoshee's little brother (named Puppy), the 4-month old puppy who now has a big sister to play with. Both dogs are of the same easy-going temperament so they get along very well.

Yoshee eats kibbles and home-cooked food, prepared by Aunty. She also goes for walks in the neighbourhood on a leash.

She is doing well and is as happy as a lark.

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Bernice said...

I'm also as happy as a lark to hear such good and happy updates about her. :)