Friday, May 4, 2012

Baggy is fitting in

Today is Indy and Bobby's acupuncture day.

 Indy's turn - he was complaining till no end.

Baggy played host to Dr Susanna. She took over Tab's duty for the day.



 Requesting permission to eat, Sir?

 Thank you, Sir.


 She loves this blue feather.

There was a chase just now  - it was Cow. He chased Baggy and Baggy defended herself by letting out a really wild shriek. Cow walked away.

It was supper time at the pantry...

 Baggy was curious and I think she wanted to join in, but...

 No, I'm still safer here.

1 comment:

Zally said...

Hi Dr.Chan...i think Baggy is trying to be friend with her brothers n sisters...good job Baggy n good u!!!