Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baggy eats very small amounts, but force-fed

From the time we came back from the clinic until now, Baggy has had 7 water-sipping sessions. It was at 3.00pm that I got a bit overly ambitious and gave her 6ml of water - she couldn't take it; she vomited and had diarrhoea within 15 minutes. I contacted the vet and she said to try 3ml.

So, after that, 3ml of water had been fine. I know I won't be able to make that 150ml target at 3ml per session, but it's still better than having her vomit and pass out everything.

 I suppose the consolation is that she can still sit on her chest, and that is an encouraging sign.

 Pole keeps watch and Indy...sleeps nearby.

At 6pm, I crossed my fingers and all my toes and gave her half teaspoon of boiled chicken....

 Only this much....I don't dare push my luck.

 Of course she had no appetite, so that small amount was force-fed in 5 mouthfuls.

After half hour, I gave her the antibiotic followed by just 1 ml of water.

 I gave her another 1/2 teaspoon of food at 8.30pm, but this time, she spat out the last bit.

 Little by little, moment by moment....we do, we pray and we hope for the best.

I hope Cow wakes me up for feeds tonight.

I haven't taken her temperature yet as I need someone to help me do it. Can't do it alone.

I hope the Universe helps me in this as I'm already doing everything that I possibly can.

Rest and sleep help in recovery.

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Bernice said...

Hope the Universe will give him a break, and all goes well for Baggy. We do love our lil ones so much, we try our best...And at the end of the day, we hope for the best. At this moment in time...I feel for you Dr. Chan