Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Visiting Yoshee after surgery

 These are Yoshee's leftover food, so I'm giving it all to Sree since it's bought for Yoshee anyway. I thought she would be staying until Saturday (the initial plan) so I had stocked up on food for her.

 This is the chicken stew I made yesterday. It's chicken (thigh, keel, skin, liver and heart), carrot, celery and kelp. I added brown rice as well.

 And the snack Nandhini bought for her.

The surgery went very well. Sree assisted the vet in the surgery. From the vet's estimate, Yoshee is probably between 6 and 8 months old. Also, the good news is that she will not be a very big dog, judging from the teeth. Perfect for Sree's mother-in-law.

 Here's our girl!

Hi, Yoshee!!

 She came forward immediately. She looks very well.

 Sree poured out some of the home-cooked food I brought, sprinkled some kibbles and Yoshee polished it all up. The vet said to give only small amounts through the afternoon.

Yoshee has also been vaccinated already. The vet thinks this is necessary as Yoshee will be mixing with the other puppy. I'm sure Yoshee will enjoy the puppy's company very much. Even in my house, she wanted to play with all our cats. Only Tabs and Indy were brave enough. I think Baggy wasn't scared too, but the rest were.

 You're going to your new home later today, Yoshee.

Be a good girl now, and have a wonderful life.

I'm so glad everything went well today. This must be really a case of everyone working together, from Pn Rahah informing me about Yoshee, Bern and Don offering to foster, PAWS being willing to take her in, me picking her up, Sree taking an instant liking to her and offering to adopt her, a surgery that went well, and now, off to a good home. And of course, with everyone's blessings, including those of Yoshee's personal guardian angels!

A question begs - Who left Yoshee at the bank? We will never know, and it doesn't matter anymore now. I'll change the status of the petfinder pet profile on her from "found" to "adopted". Yoshee is off to her new home. A brand new beginning and a happy one.

P.S. I have also informed Pn Rahah of Yoshee's progress and she wished she could visit Yoshee before Yoshee goes off to her new home today, but Pn Rahah is away for training. It's ok. Thought of loving-kindness can travel across miles and across oceans. That's how powerful it is!


nandhini said...

Glad to see Yoshee alredi active and eating after the op. Get well soon girl. and be good in your new home. Love you!

Jessica said...

I was very taken by this little sweet girl as well, as she looks exactly like my dog now. Unfortunately, my dog is quite territorial or I would have jumped at the chance to foster/adopt this cutie. Thank you all for doing what you have done for her.