Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baggy eats dinner!

Ever since that one breakfast yesterday morning, Baggy had not been interested in food at all, so it was back to force-feeding until...dinner just now.

But all throughout the day, I had been force-feeding her small amounts at about 2-hour intervals except for the morning when I was at work.

At dinner time, she came out all by herself to join the rest and I quickly served her three spoonfuls of whatever we had - ID, Natural Balance and home-cooked - take your pick, Baggy, as long as you are willing to eat.

 Eating the ID all by herself.

 She ate the home-cooked portion as well.

Guess she is just a small eater, but am glad she came out to seek out the food all by herself.

 Meanwhile Bobby had problem locating his bowl, so Bunny came to the rescue.

 They all know the rules. When Bobby eats, they move away.

Since yesterday, after Baggy got better, she still looked rather depressed. I was worried she might be depressed due to missing her sister, Baloo. She would just sit at the grille and stare out at nothingness.

 She didn't play much except when I opened the wardrobe.

 Her new-found favourite place is at the flower-bed. Here, Cow is accompanying her.

 Pole also.

 This evening, Mr G came to "the hole" again. He knows this is the way in, if he can dig a big enough hole, that is.

 The guard is....sleeping on the job?

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