Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baggy eats! Tabs and Tiger want to be friends.

Finally, Baggy was hungry enough and she ate. I'm relieved!

 I cooked some stir-fried chicken for her, just the way she and Baloo liked it last time. She licked some of the gravy, but decided not to eat it. She didn't want the kibble that Emily had sent through Mr Teh either.

 Finally, I opened a can of Cindy's recipe, and she ate!!

 Mr Teh's own house brand of catfood.  He had brought 24 cans for Baggy.

 I refilled and Baggy ate half a can, along with the kibbles and also some chicken.

 Cow is watching.

 One paw out...

 Two paws out...

 Baggy is out!


 She's curious and extremely alert and that's a very good sign.

 She tries to go upstairs.

 She's trying to find an escape route. It's a natural instinct when cats are in a new environment.

 Tiger is very curious.

Earlier on, Pole came to the grille and started mewing. Maybe Pole, who used to be quite aloof, is also concerned. Pole is the first from the colony to meet Baggy (at the clinic).

 Baggy decided it's still safer inside her carrier.

 The Queen is oblivious to the arrival of our guest.

I put Baggy into the cage, but she wasn't happy, so I let her go back into the carrier.

 Tabs and Tiger, from Tabby Inc. watches closely. I think they want to be friends. Tabs and Tiger are my most good-natured and non-cranky cats.

 Cleo wakes up and notices something...

She watches, but from afar.

Tabs, you'll be Baggy's new sister, okay? You're the best!

Andy wrote to me and explained why the post mortem wasn't done. Apparently their vet does not do post mortems; she said it could only be done in UPM. Hence, it wasn't done.

Andy also said they did not mean to trouble me with Baggy. I understand that, and I offered to help out on my own because I was worried about Baggy being in the office when Andy and Emily (and later, Mr Teh) were away overseas. She would also be alone without any cat-companion. The office staff may not be able to monitor Baggy's condition, just in case there was any infectious disease or Baggy falls ill.

One day at a time now.

Baggy is top priority.


Sandra said...

Hi Dr Chan, Baggy will be fine under your care. Don't worry, everything will be alright :)

Joey said...

Hi Dr Chan, maybe you could let Baggy sleep in your room (in her carrier since she feels more comfy in it) for a few days. Make it somewhere she can see you and you can see her. Whenever I have a new member, he/she sleeps next to my bed for a month or so. There's something about letting them see you sleep, it tends to make them more relaxed and trusting of you. Also, it's easier for me to monitor and talk to them in case they get frightened in the middle of the night.

I'm sure Baggy remembers you. Probably the new house seems alien to her. Give her a few days, she will relax.

Take care :)

Donovan said...

It's good to see that Baggy is back in a safe environment.

It's so convenient for some people to dump the pet back to someone that they know will have no choice but to take the pet back because of her kind heart. I think that some people never consider of all the scenarios that could happen before adopting a pet. They just adopt on a whim. If you know that you business requires you to travel and be away for long periods, you should not have adopted any pet in the first place. This is the same store bought pedigrees and the reason why places like PAWS and the SPCA is filled with pedigrees these days.

Think before you take an animal home to be your pet. It's a lifelong commitment.

loh lay peng said...

Dear Sis,happy to see Baggy in ur home with u.everything will be fine.sometimes after all our effort,we still got to leave some to Karma also.

Peggy Quah said...

Ah... she is feeling safe, its a good sign and am sure she will be happy with all the company and love she gets!