Saturday, May 19, 2012

Updates on Yoshee

I have been asking Sree about Yoshee and she is doing just fine. Yoshee is as happy as ever, says Sree. She delights in receiving visitors and is super-duper friendly to everyone.

I did not visit Yoshee today as I believe there is a time where we must "let go" and respect the privacy of the adopter. At most, I will keep in contact by sms or ask for news when I meet Sree. If Sree provides photos, I'll be most grateful, but I will not insist.

Tomorrow, Yoshee will be going to her new home, as planned. Hopefully, as a well-trained doggie too!

I wish Yoshee a wonderful life in her new home.

P.S. Please read the comments. Yoshee come, sit and shake hands! She's such a clever girl.

Sms to Sree: Please ensure Yoshee stays indoors. Massive dog-catching operation in Selangor.

 Yoshee, when she was with me.

 I have only fostered 12 dogs in the past and Yoshee is the 13th. But she is really the friendliest, sweetest and most adorable doggie I've ever encountered.

Have a great life, Yoshee!


swc said...

Yoshee is so sweet. Thank you for fostering her and I wish Yoshee a wonderful loved life in her new home too!

Chiew Ting said...

Dr Chan, don't worry =) Yoshee is GREAT!!! ^^ she can sit, come and shake hands very well already... anyway, we have a stray dog available for adoption if u r interested in a 14th :p

chankahyein said...

Wow! That's great to hear. Thanks, Chiew Ting! Oh..I cannot adopt another dog! Foster, maybe. But not adopt.