Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baggy's 4th day

I still slept on the bench last night, waking up a few times to check on Baggy. She was okay through the night.

 This morning, she had breakfast on her own while the rest at theirs at the pantry.

 As usual, Tabs was playing one of her wild games outside after breakfast, dashing back and forth the entire length of the garden.

Baggy listened...

 One moment she's here...

 Getting ready to go....

 Tiger entertains her and plays with her.

 And before you know it, she's somewhere else!

 Baggy slowly steps out...

 Bunny watches.

 The dog is still the safest bet.

 Tabs waits.

Come on, come and play!

 Baggy did step outside for awhile, and decides it is still safer inside.

 This seems to be her place now, right beside me. But I have to go off to work soon.

 Cleo inspects Baggy's little self-made sanctuary.

 Baggy seems contented.

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