Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baggy is unwell

It is 10pm now, and I'm worried about Baggy. This morning, she wasn't interested in breakfast at all. But then, she has been a rather small eater all this while, except the few days after settling in where she ate a lot. After that, she reverted to her habit of eating very little.

I did ask Mr Teh and he said after being spayed, Baggy ate very little every day.

So I thought maybe that was all the food she needed. Similarly, Pole and Cleo (both girls) also eat very little. It's Tabs who eats like the males (anytime, anywhere, she is always hungry).

Baggy normally only eats at most twice a day, and also small amounts.

But by this evening, she was still uninterested in food, so I thought I should forcefeed her. She was still very alert, and was not dehydrated.

The first force-feeding went well and she ate up the small portion of wetfood I gave her. But after the second force-feeding, she threw up. But she was still active and went out to the garden to sit. She pee-ed in the litter-box as well.

I'm giving her glucose water now, which she has been able to retain so far.

I hope there is nothing wrong with her and it is just a bad day.

But I am worried and hope you will keep Baggy in your prayers and wish her well. I'll be taking her to the vet tomorrow should she still refuse to eat tomorrow morning.

Resting in her condo.

She was on the table all day until after the force-feeding where she went out and went into her condo instead.

UPDATES at 11.00pm

I brought Baggy into the room and put her in the basket lined with blankets, but she shot off, as agile as an arrow, and went onto the table beside my chair. I tried giving her a freshly cooked batch of blended chicken stew and she took a small mouthful. It was hardly a mouthful, maybe just a small teaspoon, but I decided not to push it. Tiny bits at a time.

Will see if she can retain the food.

She seemed very alert and active when she jumped from the basket onto the table, though, and that is a small measure of consolation for me.

It almost looks as though Pole is protecting her as Cow came back and got hissed at and scratched by Pole!


Bern said...

Positive thoughts to Baggy...Hope all goes well tomorrow. We need positive thoughts for Baby Mayo as well, to put on some weight and get stronger.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

My BabyGirl also had a few episodes where she ate, then vomitted out all of what she ate. Sent her to the vet, did x-ray, did blood test. Nothing. She was like that for 3 days. Doctor said, if her condition still stays, then a test for kidney and liver had to be done. But lucky, on the 4th day, she went back to her normal self. I hope Baggy just has a minor tummy problem, and gets well soon.