Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another new guest?

I recently heard from an acquaintance that Mr G's house has "a lot of cats". This is not surprising if all the cats there are not neutered.

So far we have seen quite a number of cats from Mr G's house coming to our ledge or into our garden.

There was another one this morning.

 Tabs was the first to notice a new cat today.

 It's a grey tabby, like Tabs and Tiger.

 Baggy has taken this shelf to be her private domain.

 Aww...Mr G is here.

 He seemed hungry this morning.

Around mid-morning, I had a loud shriek in the garden. It sounded like Baggy (again). Must be Cow. I know that whenever I bring in any cat or kitten, the whole hierarchy in my colony would undergo an equilibrium adjustment. It's complicated cat politics at play here; something we humans cannot control nor interfere with though we a small extent, provide more protection to the victims, if only to boost their confidence to stake claim to their place in the colony.

Baggy had been stalked by Cow. But Baggy has a very powerful "weapon" and that is her earth-shattering shriek. That is good, at least I know that shriek keeps Cow at bay and the elder bully backs off.

Today was one such incident where Cow stalked Baggy again. I was in the bathroom when I heard that familiar shriek. By the time I rushed out, Baggy was in her Holey Box and Cow was in the room as well, nearby.

This is the Holey Box, which Baggy has claimed to be her safe sanctuary. I don't know who brought those cat-toys into it, though. It must be Baggy herself!

The rule of the game (or war?) is that the moment Baggy gets into her box, nobody can attack her anymore.

But to ensure Cow is taught a lesson, I sprayed him with the garbage enzyme. The elder bully ran out to the Clubhouse and stayed under the table, ego just slightly bruised.

 Baggy gets up on the table beside me.

 Cow comes back into the room, quite nonchalantly.

All is well, I suppose.

 Baggy seeks comfort by coming onto my table, nearer to me.

 I was watching a youtube about burger sellers and ex-army veterans doing some exercise. I'm quite disturbed by it, and so is Baggy! The things people do...don't they have more constructive things to do with their time?

 This is Baggy's newfound favourite place. Maybe it's cooling to be amongst the greens and to be back to Nature.

 This is our "misunderstood" cat who bullies new cats but is ever respectful of Bobby.

 Life is never boring with my brood.

What's happening now?

 It's Pole, she is still trying to find a way to escape. There seems to be an inbuilt mechanism in escape.
That anti-cat mat is no hindrance to her whatsoever. Mr G had made a hole on the left of the ledge, but we have secured it with two layers of wire-netting.

As big as my cat-space is, it is not big enough for my brood. Pole needs to go out still, but I just heard some news that the local councils may be doing a witch-hunt on dogs following the unfortunate bull terrier incident (this is not unexpected and that is why I took Yoshee in). We've been advised to keep all our pets and community animals within our house compound for now until the witch-hunt is over. Dogs or cats, please keep them safe. A witch-hunt may be quite merciless. Better be safe than sorry.

 Pole, please give up your mission for now. Now is not the time to make another attempt to escape, please.

As much as we have foolproofed our cat-space as best we can, cats are still generally smarter than humans. That is why we serve them and they do not serve us!

Now, isn't this better than attempting to escape?

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That tabby visitor is quite nice looking