Monday, May 14, 2012

Yoshee's adventures today

Nandhini heard about Yoshee and dropped in for a visit, with snacks for her.

 Yoshee was sleeping, at mid-morning. She loves the coconut husk.

 Hi, Yoshee!

For some strange reason, Yoshee slept on while Nandhini was here and as we chatted right beside her. I think Yoshee was completely konked out after all the excitement yesterday. But the moment Nandhini left the gate, Yoshee got up and wanted to play. Talk about timing....

 I gave her a piece of Nandhini's snacks. She didn't know what to do with it at first, but later, ate it up happily.

 Meanwhile, on the cat-front, someone had done this to poor Tiger's baby basket...

 I'm afraid it is beyond repair, Tiger.

All things are impermanent, even for cats.

 Baggy is exploring the furthest spot in Bunny's Place. That's organic fertiliser, it is animal-friendly as I had requested it from the landscaper.

 Yoshee spent most of the day resting.

 Ah, this is exactly the poo I've been waiting for. This is the characteristic poo of home-cooked food fed animals.

 My son, Jia-Wen, came back and Yoshee paid her respects. He took an instant liking to Yoshee too.

 Jia-Wen let Bunny out, as per his usual habit. Bunny will always ask to be out whenever he comes back.

 But Yoshee lunged at Bunny, not fiercely, but more like just excitedly, and Bunny bolted upstairs. as fast as lightning.

We decided it's not time yet. Poor Bunny was so afraid.

Yoshee was hungry by evening, and it was time for dinner. I had asked the shelter manager how much I should feed a dog her size and age. He said it is either a cup of kibble or two (Chinese) bowls of home-cooked food, and it should only be twice a day. That's quite a bit of food. I'm not used to feeding any dog larger than Bobby, so I didn't quite know. I boiled wild rice with millet, and mixed it with home-cooked food, and added some kibble in it, the best of both worlds, I thought.

 She polished off the first bowl, and asked for more, so I gave half a bowl more and that's that.

 On the cat-front again, Bobby was caught pee-ing onto Baggy's fishpad. Poor Baggy....

 It'll take a day to dry. Hang on...

 The boss is all tired out after bolting upstairs.

Something quite interesting happened last night. I never knew we had toads in our garden until Yoshee pointed them out to me. She kept nudging me to go to the garden, and there, I saw two little toads. Yoshee did not hurt them, but she chased them into the flower bed.

Later, she took my husband out to see the toads.

She is an incredibly smart doggie.

My husband says she can definitely read his mind. He doesn't want her to come into the house, and she knows it. So all he has to do is to "think" it, and Yoshee goes back out to the patio. When she sees me, she comes back in!

It's their sixth sense. All animals have it, and dogs are particularly eager to please you, so the obedient ones will do anything to make you happy. This is the nature of dogs.

This afternoon, my parents dropped in too, and Yoshee paid her respects to both of them. Smart doggie, and very polite too, I must say.

 My daughter, Ming-Yi, came home with a new toy for Yoshee.

 It's a squeaky toy.

We'll play later as I thought I should take her out for walk.

 My house overlooks a huge park. According to this board, it is dog-friendly.

 Fair enough, I'm not complaining.

In my previous neighbourhood, pets were not allowed in the playgrounds.

This is an old neighbourhood, hence, old rules.

 It is not "developed", which is good. That means it has a lot of green space.

 There is a small area with children's playground equipment and a half-erected gazebo, reminiscent of the magnificient Stonehenge. We say, maybe one day, a spaceship would land here, and there could be some connection to our Stargate! Well, who knows?

 Yoshee is happier and more confident today.

 She was particularly interested in the lone basketball player.

 She wanted to play with him, but better not, I guess.

Let's go home, Yoshee.

 Back home, Yoshee plays with her new squeaky toy.




 We want to play too...

 What do you know? Now, Mr G is not afraid of Yoshee at all. He is still here for his twice-daily sojourns.


 Dog or no dog, Mr G comes.

 Yoshee seems to have decided this is her "nest", on the coconut husk. She dug at it and made a little comfortable bed.

 I'm not interested to play with any dog right now.


Jasmine Ong said...

Yoshee is not only sweet and smart but incredibly obedient too! She has great affinity with you and wants a forever home with you :)

laila said...

suka...macam baca buku those animals..