Thursday, June 16, 2011

The five kittens are active and very much alive (dumped in styrofoam box)

I had to arrange for boarding for the five kittens that were dumped in front of my gate (in a styrofoam box this morning) because they have diarrhoea and the flu.  

 Here they are at the first clinic.  Our vet has already dewormed all of them.  
Hopefully, the diarrhoea is due to worms and not a viral infection.

They have also been fed small amounts of Baby Cat, and are very strong and active now.  

This is a far cry compared to this morning when my husband had first found them - they could barely move and were so hot as though dying from a heat stroke.  He had to sprinkle water on them to cool them down.

Why would any human put active kittens into a styrofoam box and leave them out in the sun, with a big rock on the lid? 

 All playing actively at the second clinic where they are now boarded for treatment for the flu.

 Two of the three ginger ones, they were practically "scaling" the bars of the cage.  Definitely mischievous!

They are all currently very active, so everything looks okay.

Let's hope they quickly recover from their diarrhoea and flu.

We are looking for adopters for them.  
If interested, please contact me at

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Devi Narayanan said...

Ha ha. "Good hearted coward" owner probably doesnt want them to escape, thus the ventless styrofoam box and the big rock for safety.

Very thoughtful creature, he/she is and must be rewarded. I simply cant help praising him/her for the cleverness.