Saturday, June 11, 2011

Heartfelt thanks to our vets (Bushytail's surgery)

I learnt from the vet's assistant yesterday that the pyometra in Bushytail was only detected late Thursday evening when pus flowed out from Bushytail's vulva.  In fact, it sort of "flooded" the tray of the cage.  That indicated that it was really bad. 

Very bad.

But the vets had just forcefed Bushytail that afternoon because the plan (and that was our decision, too) was to opt for the less risky of the two options, ie. between immediate surgery for the necrotising mastitis or to perk her health up by IV-fluids and control the infection by antibiotics and do surgery on Tuesday.  We decided on the latter so that she would have time to be stronger before surgery was performed and thus, her chances of survival would be higher. 

Since she had just been forcefed, surgery could not be performed (lack of the compulsory 8 hour fasting). 

The vets then decided they would come in at 8am the next morning to do the surgery, and they did. 

The surgery was performed at 8am on Friday, and it lasted two full hours, until 10am. 

I will never be able to thank our vets enough for their dedication, not only to their profession, but to the stray animals. 

It is a pity that I am not allowed to mention the names of our panel vets or the name of their clinics in a public blog (that, I'm told, is against the code of ethics for their profession).

But I am, and will remain, so very thankful to them, for their dedication and their utmost professionalism in carrying out their duties AND to their charitable hearts for offering us rescue rates for all our spay-neuter cases. 

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