Saturday, June 4, 2011

More sunny news...

I had wanted to start the Sunny Kittens on baby kibbles already, but after hearing all the horror stories resulting from the change of diet for very young kittens, I'm delaying it for a while...

They are still on Pets Own Milk, but drinking like crazy....and producing nice golden-yellow poo. Urination is clear and nice too. All three can urinate on their own now.

The feeding paraphernalia.

Sucking for comfort, after milk.

Just like human babies who suck their thumbs.

Bobby, despite being blind, is trying very hard to lick up the remaining milk after every feed, if any left, that is.

We let the Sunny Kittens play on the sofa last night.

Foxie is calling Ming-Yi for something.

They loved it! Honeybear fell down into the cushions below.
He thought it was such fun.

The cushions below.

Checking out a new boat for today.

Rex is not interested in boat rides.

But we like our old boat better...


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