Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Sunny Kittens get more adventurous

Here's some photo updates:

There are no trees to climb, so we climb legs.

Honeybear is getting more confident by the day.

Mini sumo wrestling.

This morning, when I was cooking Bobby's breakfast, Fox and Honeybear came running out to the kitchen.  They were attracted to "that nice smell".

No, can't eat that.  Not yet.

Rex decides to venture further...

To the water bowl...

He actually licked a bit of water...yucks, milk is better.

Bobby keeps a constant watch on them.

We're going a-sailing in our boat!

Come on board, Rex!

Let's go!

1 comment:

chen said...

For me, Foxie is the cutest! She is going to grow up into a cat with a big personality - probably very feisty.