Friday, June 24, 2011

Bunny's fine and so am I (I hope!)

Many thanks to everyone who's been enquiring about Bunny and me.  Bunny is doing fine.  The wound is closing up now, and he's slowly getting back to being himself.  Yes, two more days for the antibiotics and he's already started fighting on Day Three but I managed, somehow.  Just two more days to go...wish me luck!

And while I was battling with a high fever and a "huge-rock-in-the-head" migraine, well, guess what...Bunny's been looking after me!  

Absolutely down and out after work.
(Teachers don't have the luxury of getting sick!)  
Bunny followed me everywhere and sat nearby.

I guess that's how an animal looks after you.  They can't drive and take you to hospital, like we can for them.  So, they just sit nearby and tell you they're there for you.  That really helps.  Cow was nearby too.  Trust the two seniors to "know".  

And of course, Bobby is always near.  He's been near for the past 15 years.  Here's Bunny sharing Bobby's special chair because both wanted to be near to me!

I think my fever's gone now; the migraine is still there but that's manageable, so it's back to business, as usual. Well, even in the past two days, it was business as usual. I was taking calls, answering smses, replying email; just not driving around.  With that rock in my head, I might bang into a lamp-post!    

Many thanks to CP for making me the papaya leaf soup (in case its was dengue fever - my palms were red, but not spotty).  That must have helped a lot.  

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