Friday, June 17, 2011

Honeybear invents a new game!

Honeybear has been getting more and more mischievous (read: simply adorable).  This afternoon, he found a new toy to play with.

Note: Do not be alarmed that it is a plastic bag.  I'm watching them closely.  I had just removed a tshirt and tucked the plastic bag behind the boxes.  Honeybear was so attracted to it and...

 Honeybear pulled the plastic bag from behind the box all the way out while Fox and Rex watched closely, not quite sure what this new thing is....

 He is totally fascinated with the crackling sound of the plastic bag.

Rex is not sure if he should join in the game.
I mean, are there any rules to the game?

Rex seems game to try...but he is still not sure.

Honeybear has a ball!

 Rex and Fox decide they should just come sit with me, and watch the fun.  

 Crackity, crackity, crack...whoppee!  This is such fun!

 We'll just stay here where it is safe.

 Honeybear is bored now, and comes back.

 Wrestle, wrestle...


 Any place is a good play!

 Honeybear shows Rex how to play the plastic bag game.

 Fox goes to sleep.  It's nap time now.

 Honeybear disturbs Fox.

 Rex keeps away.  He'd rather study calculus....

Honeybear gets the whole basket to himself!

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Devi Narayanan said...

Oh dear! You have become their scratch post. Look at the scratch scars on your thigh, just like the scars on all over my body, yes, all over indeed.