Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Sunny Kittens

Yesterday, I gave the Sunny Kittens a pedicure (had their nails trimmed at the tip). It was very easy with Rex and Fox, but with Honeybear, it was quite a struggle!

Honeybear is turning out to be the most mischievous of the three. But he is absolutely adorable, as are Rex and Fox.

They are still the most obedient kittens I've ever fostered. They don't make a noise when I'm not around and would be happily playing or sleeping in their room....until I get home. And even when I do, they don't scratch at the door to attract attention (as all my other kittens used to do), but wait patiently until I open the door. Then, they all come running to greet me.

It's pure joy....

And if I step out of the room to do something else, they would follow me in an entourage, trotting after me, and would play around me. Then, after they are done playing, they would trot back into the room to sleep in Tiger's basket!

I've never fostered such obedient kittens before. And no, I did not train them. I don't train animals! Don't know how to do it, anyway.


 Rex and Fox are the best of friends (siblings!)

 Come one, Honeybear, come and play with us...

 Honeybear is the last to learn something new. 
Well, that's because he is the youngest!

 Rex is the first to learn new things.
He is also the most obedient.

 They love their Baby Cat kibbles. 
But they still suck milk from the bottle, except for Rex.

Here's a close-up of Rex.

A close-up of Honeybear.

 When there's no one to play with, Rex goes to Uncle Bobby.

 But Uncle Bobby just wants to sleep.

 A close-up of Fox, the rose amongst the two thorns.

Fox again.

She is quite photogenic, too.

On 25th May when I offered to foster Rex, Fox and Honeybear, it was because we could not find any fosterer for them. A lady offered to take Honeybear but he was having seizures at that time.

Much as I wish I could keep Rex, Fox and Honeybear, I already have 6 adult cats in my care, and my husband and son hope I can get Rex, Fox and Honeybear adopted into a good and loving home.

Cow and Bunny (and even Cleo and Indy) are very territorial. They seem to accept very young kittens but the moment the kitten grows and reaches about 5-6 months, they would start chasing them out of the house. This, unfortunately, is the behaviour of territorial cats.

Fosterers often end up adopting the animals under their care.  That's how Cow, Bunny, Pole, Cleo, Tiger and Indy have ended up with me.  Wii was supposed to be live with us as well, but Cow & Bunny chased him out and I finally had to rehome him.  Wii is now safe under the loving care of Roselin and I cannot thank her enough.  I've had some kittens adopted over the last few years.  Some adopters keep in touch, but some just don't, and that's the time when I know it is all about being able to let go and hope for the best.  

I am now looking for a safe and loving home for Rex, Fox and Honeybear. I would very much prefer that whoever adopts them would :

1. Take all three. They cannot be separated at this stage as they need each other for warmth and company.

2.  Keep them indoors.  It is just too unsafe outside. 

3. They are currently on Royal Canin Baby Cat kibbles. I hope the adopter can continue with the same food. If you wish to switch brands, please let me know which brand and I'll do the gradual switching for you first. (I am terrified of diarrhoea resulting from the switching of food at a young age. Diarrhoea kills.)

4. Look after them for life and bring them to the vet when they are sick.  The average lifespan of an indoor cat is 20-25 years so it's really a lifetime commitment of love, care and responsibility. Should you decide you don't want them anymore, please return them to me.

5.  Please send me photo updates from time to time.  I know home-visits can be very infringing and annoying so I shall not insist on that.  Perhaps, only in the initial stage.  

6. And MOST importantly, please give them more love than I have.

As with any other rescued street animal, AnimalCare will sponsor their spay-neuter when they are of age, and subsidise their first year vaccinations.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to put them up for adoption, but being the ever-joyful and sun-shiny kittens that they are, I will rejoice when they find a good and loving home, and I am sure they will bring their new family as much joy as they have brought to mine.

Flashback (25th & 26th May, when the Sunny Kittens brought their sunshine into my life):


rozita said...

Hi Dr Chan. I've been reading about the sunnie kittens from the day u fostered, and was asking Punitha about them. My family would love to have them, all 3 into our home, if you let us. Awaiting your reply the soonest. Tq - Rozita (019 2336067)

chankahyein said...

Hi Rozita,
Thank you so much for responding. Punitha's helping me find them a good home, so she will contact you soon. Could you also please write to me at

rozita said...

TQ. Will wait for Punitha patiently then, and i will email you too. Regards and take care :)

Devi Narayanan said...

I hope the Sunny kitten can get equal or more love from sis Rozita. God bless her.

Anonymous said...

just the thought of you having to give up the kittens for adoption brings tear to my eyes. It must be SO very hard for you. Yeah, I know of letting go but easier said than done.h