Thursday, June 2, 2011

The article in the Star

Hi everyone,

Thank you so very much for all your emails and text messages sent after you came across the article in Star Two today.  I am very touched. 

The interview was done some months back, actually, but the article was postponed till now, and isn't that a blessing, because it was so timely.  We registered with the ROS, we had the discussion with our councillor on implementing CNRM and received their support, AND we finally got our official bank account running. 

Then, the article came out....what perfect timing!

Thanks very much, Cheryl, for writing it!

We'll dedicate the article to little Cookie and Vixey. 

Since the full article is not available online, Cheryl sent me the pdf files, and Andy Koh of has converted the pdf files into jpeg so that I could put it up here, in case other readers might like to read it.  Thanks, Andy. 

Next posting, pls....

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