Sunday, June 19, 2011

A sunny Sunday at Rozita's

First thing in the morning, I texted Rozita to ask how the Sunnies are doing.  

Oh, they are fine, Rozita said.  In fact, she has declared today the official "Pee and Poo Day" because all three Sunnies pee-d and poo-ed at the same time this morning!  

Then, apparently, there was a big fur-raising event in her house as well. 

Who raised their fur, I asked.  The Sunnies or the Elders?  (Rozita has three adult cats.)

All six of them, she said!

And why is that so?

Well, the Sunnies were defending their newly-acquired green basket and the elders thought of taking it back.

No way, the Sunnies had staked a claim on it!

So, it was a case of property claim, and I think the Sunnies got what they wanted.

And, Rozita said they mewed for attention so loudly, you just had to play with them.  If you stopped, they'd mew again.


And over in my house, they were so, so well-behaved.....

So, anyway, Rozita and family played with them till they went kaput!  

Rex, Fox and good now, okay?

I'm eagerly waiting for photos!

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