Sunday, June 12, 2011

Now, where is the Sunny Kitten's toilet???

As you've read, the Sunny Kittens had not poo-ed for a few days ever since they started on kibbles.  The vet said it was okay as none of them were constipated.  Rex and Fox had no faeces while Honeybear only had a wee bit.

But in the afternoon, I had smelled something in the room.  Tried as I did, I could not find the poo. 

 After a fun-filled session of play, play, play!

 I noticed Rex and Fox love going into the playhouse.

 Honeybear has started to eat kibbles now.

By the time I came back from the USJ Carnival, there is a distinctive poo smell in the room.  Now, where it is?

 Hello...what's this?
(Look through the window...)

 There's the poo!  Smart little kitties, they'd been using the playhouse as a toilet!

 See what white-coloured worm? 
Luckily I had them dewormed, else this worm would have been happily feeding on the milk and kibbles.

 Honeybear eats a bit more...

 Rex plays with toilet-paper...

 The litter-box is also a playpen for them.

 Still not interested in the ball.

 Honeybear's chewing on newspapers.

 He still likes to sleep with Uncle Bobby.

Rex and Fox have a good appetite.

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Evelin said...

they are SO, SO extremely CUTE!!!!