Monday, June 6, 2011

A sunny day for the Sunny Kittens

Some photo updates and milestones...

Rex and Fox can already drink from the bottle.  Honeybear still needs syringe-feeding, but he has the loudest voice!

Fox, the big sister.

 With Uncle Bobby...the ever reliable one.

 The smallest, but has the loudest voice!

 This morning, Rex could even lap milk from a dish, but just a wee bit.  Honeybear just trampled all over the milk.  Fox didn't quite know what was going on!

Rex grooming Honeybear.

 Fox using the litter-box.

Rex and Fox can use the litter-box already!

Honeybear pees outside the litter box, then he steps inside!
How cute!


hud aikara said...

so cuteeee!!!(^_^)

Devi Narayanan said...

So inspiring. Feel like getting anther bunch of kitties and start all over the growing pains.

Almost wanted to adopt some kitties from MYANIMALCARE, but I had to care for my big baby (my mom) as she is falling sick quite often. Too bad.

Its really enjoying to see kitties growing up, their peeing, pooing, playing, fighting, etc. Its so cooling for the eyes and mind.

Too bad some animal haters simply never give themselves a chance to enjoy all these moments with pups and kitties.