Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breakfast time!

This morning's breakfast:

 Uncle Bobby supervises, as always.  And of course, he gets the leftovers, too!

 Rex seems to know something's happening....since last night.
He is the "big brother" of the litter, and certainly does the job.

 What leftovers, says Uncle Bobby...  I'm eating with you guys today.

 The baby of the family still wants to suck from the bottle.

 Kibbles for everyone.

 I've bought a new pack of RC Baby Cat for them, as a gift for them today.

 Rex and Fox have been exceptionally affectionate in the last two days.

I'm leaving you in charge in your new home, Rex. 
Take good care of Fox and Honeybear, ok? 
I know I can count on you.


azie.azureEn said...

in the last picture, Rex is looking straight into ur eyes..

yup. we know we can count on him. ;)

Devi Narayanan said...

Poor Bobby. He is going to miss his playmates.