Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our new quality control supervisors!

Right after the radio interview, I rushed over to Sukhi Hotu's to get the new tshirts.  Ahh, just on time for today's event in USJ (come join us, ok?). 

The boxes of tshirts were piled all the way to the roof of my little Kelisa.  I stopped at the clinic to see Bushytail before going home, and the vet remarked, "Goodness...what have you got in those boxes in your car?"

"Money" to fund all this spay-neuter and medical treatment, doctor!  But not's tshirts!

Indeed, we've been able to do more cases now because of your support of our tshirt-by-donation campaign. 

So, anyway, I texted Mary for help in stock-checking, so Mary came over after work.

There were all three designs to stock-check, and 14 sizes in's a lot of work.  And the ladies' tshirts had to be labelled one by one too.

Just then, the lights went out in my room...oh dear!

It wasn't a power failure, but the starter went bust. was coming to 9pm and far too late to go out to buy a new one, so believe it or not, we worked using a torchlight.  The boxes were piled high in my room and we were both too tired to carry the boxes outside.

So, never mind, we'd just use a torchlight.

But...the Sunny Kittens brought their "sunshine" over and kept us company....

In between, the new quality control supervisors wanted milk....!

For all outstanding orders, we'll be contacting you real soon to deliver your orders.  Thank you!

Our tshirts are available all year round, so please do continue to help us promote it to your friends!


m.q said...

what a cute quality controller :)

Devi Narayanan said...

Hmmm! When youmention about supervisor, you remind me of LITTLE SUKI. I simply cant take her off my mind.