Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playtime for the Sunny Kittens

This morning, I tried to teach the Sunny Kittens to lap milk from a dish.  After all, Rex has stopped sucking from the bottle.  And this morning, Honeybear (!) did not want to suck as well. 

 Come,'s milk.

 Nah...they weren't interested.  Honeybear tried later, and splashed the milk all over the floor, and then he shook his little paw!  It always starts off this way...

 Rex can lap, but he did not quite want to do it. 
I'm syringe-feeding water to all three.

After their breakfast of milk and kibbles, it's playtime!

For play, one need not buy expensive toys (unless one can afford it, of course)....just some plastic containers, cardboard boxes, arranged in a strategic way, would do.

Better use the money to spend on good quality food and medical treatment (when necessary).

I had placed this plastic container here yesterday, as a "step-up" toy.
Honeybear looks longingly, wanting to join in, but he wasn't quite sure of the rules. 

 So, he plays by himself in the litter-box.

 But hey, it's so much fun...!!

Can I play too?  Please, please? 

 Honeybear still prefers the basket game, though.

 Rex invites Uncle Bobby for a romp...

 Then, Rex and Fox go to the playhouse.

 Again, Honeybear is not sure of the rules of the game, so he watches by the sidelines...

 I think I know how to play this game...


Ahhh....this is the life....

I'd like to thank Punitha so very much, for offering to help me look for suitable adopters for the Sunny Kittens.  Punitha had offered to do this for me, right from Day One.  With so much on my plate, I hardly have time to do the groundwork, so Punitha's offer is very much appreciated. 

So far, Rozita has responded to yesterday's posting.  Rozita currently has 3 cats (Mickey, Rascal and Heidi), and her whole family (husband and two daughters, aged 9 and 11) love animals (they used to have a ferret and two tortoises as well).  Rozita is also a rescuer and fosterer, too. 

I've read Rozita's response to Punitha's questionnaire and seen the photos of her pets.  She and her family seem the perfect heaven-sent adopters for the Sunny Kittens.  And Rozita uses Royal Canin, too (so I don't have to switch brands...what a relief!).  All her pets are kept indoors as well (another relief for me).

I'll give myself some time to let this reality sink in (so that I don't go into depression after they have been rehomed!) and of course, Ming-Yi gets a say as well.  Ming-Yi is now on a holiday in Singapore, and will only be back on Friday.  

Rozita, can you please wait a bit?

Thank you so much, for offering to give the Sunny Kittens a safe and loving home.  Knowing that they will be loved, pampered and well-taken care of, is truly a gift from heaven for me. 


km-y said...

No worries about my say, i'll go along with and support anything that's best for the sunny kitties. As long as their best interest is at heart.


rozita said...

Can't wait to bring them home. Tq Dr.Chan & Family and also Tq to Punitha for making this happen. God Bless :D