Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Sunny Kittens' hair-styling experience

Uncle Bobby's been long overdue for a haircut.  So, my husband finally got down to doing it this afternoon.  Rex was extremely fascinated and stood totally transfixed by the whole thing.

 It sure looks like a lot of fun, he thinks...

 I guess he was hoping he'd get a haircut too....

 He didn't get one, so he walked back into the room, quite dejected...
(Oh, he's just been frontlined in the morning, hence, the punk look!)

 Er no...he wasn't dejected...he brought reinforcement.....Fox!

 Fox was equally mesmerized by this thing called "haircut" fascinating!

 Can we have a haircut too?  Please, please?
Can we?  Can we?  

The two of them kept going up my husband's lap, refusing to get down...seems like they thought they should have their turns as well.

 So, husband decided to humour them and pretended to give them a haircut by making the snipping sounds with the scissors.

 Now, your turn....there you go...snip, snip, snip!
There, all done.  

Only then, did they get down from his lap. 

As usual, Bobby needs two rounds of haircut because the first would never be good enough as he could never keep still enough.  So, here he is, with his second haircut, but Rex was really interrupting, so husband had to put him into a box.  But he climbed all the way up and out!

Peek-a-boo!  I'm out! 

After doing Uncle Bobby's haircut, we decided to make a play-house for the kittens.

 That's their new play-house...

 Hey, it's so much fun!

 Boo!!  Catch me if you can!

 I'm here!

 Come on in....

As mother-cats make it a point to transfer their litter every 5 days or so, the Sunny Kittens also migrate to a different place after every few days. This is their new place. 

Uncle Bobs checks it out....ok, good enough.  Certificate of Fitness granted!  Fit for kitty-occupancy.

The three kittens were frontlined this morning, inside the kitchen sink.  They thought that was fun too!



azie.azureEn said...

aahh i love reading ur sunny kittens' stories. it really make my day. i mean, everyday! hehe ^^

Adif said...

everybody seems to be having so much fun! :) bobby and the kittens looks so adorable... xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wah, KY, if your hubby gets tired of flying, he can start a pet grooming business la ... got hidden talent! My kids oso asking for a nice-nice free haircut la, can or not? :-)