Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Sunny Kittens' upstairs tour

Yesterday, the Sunny Kittens went for a tour....upstairs!

It was afternoon, and nap-time, so after exploring the room, they decided to take a Tiger's basket. 

An typical afternoon nap for them usually lasts a few hours, but this time, it was interrupted as someone had other plans...

 I thought I too could take a nap while they nap, but....

 Honeybear stirs in his sleep, and gets up...

 He stretches and plays by himself.

 I'm bored...I want to find something more interesting to do...

 So he wanders off to this new place... he comes back.

 But Fox and Rex are still sleeping, so he goes to Uncle Bobby.

 He wakes Uncle Bobby up, then he goes back and nudges his siblings...

Until everybody wakes up!

Of all three, Honeybear loves the soaked kibbles the most.  He can eat them off my hand already.  Rex and Fox don't quite like it much.  Fox cannot even pick up the kibbles off my hand. 

And, Honeybear is the most "aggressive" of the three, too!

Rex (named after the Tyrannosaurus-Rex) is the most mild-mannered of 'em all!

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