Saturday, June 11, 2011

The tide turns....(Newton's Third Law at work)

Remember how Pole did not dare come back because (we found out later) Indy had been "ambushing" her? 

So, we had to go to the neighbour's to carry Pole back for about five days before she regained her confidence to come home for meals, and in the meantime, Indy also got told off for his unbecoming attitude. 

Well, guess what....the tide has turned now (so fast?)....

These few days, Indy has not been coming back and it's Pole ambushing him! 

And since Pole comes from the Cow&Bunny family, believe me, she can be fierce.  Pole is Cow & Bunny's sister. 

And she IS fierce now. 

Cleo is Pole's daughter and that one is a real Cleopatra alright.  SHE bullies Cow. 

I must really think of more mighty kings' and queens' names for the cats to come (if any).  How about Genghis or Kublai, or Mulan?

No wait...I think Dalai, Theresa or Gandhi may be a better cats are currently too territorial as it is.  There is always some feline political situation going on all the time...

So, the tide turns, folks.....

Isaac Newton was right!

Poor, we have to go bring HIM back every day for food!

 Indy eating all alone a few days ago...

 Indy with the whole gang again now.

Pole (the white one) is right in front and daughter Cleo (the Calico queen)is behind her.  Cleo is only afraid of her mum, Pole.  She fought for her place in the house and it's the ironing board upstairs and the top of the piano downstairs. She is also granted exclusive rights to wake me up at 4.30am every morning.  That's why I'm up so early every morning!!

Cleo, the Calico Queen

My son used to quip that she's got "bumiputra" status because she's the only one who is born in this house - inside Ming-Yi's wardrobe!  So, rightfully, she is the QUEEN. 

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Devi Narayanan said...

Wake you up at 4.30am? I don't understand what has happened to our cats!

My Kunyi wakes us up at sharp 4.30am without fail, be it a working day or holiday. He stirs us up by scratching my breast.

If he urgently wants to pee at wee hours, he scratches my "front" and to poo, he scratches my "back". He has his own style. Strange! Isn't it?

If mom feels tired anrest in between, Kunyi's sibling Anju starts carrying around her little teddy toy in her mouth, mumbling, meowing & grumbling away till mom gets up & play with her by tossing the teddy. This is how she attracts mom's attention.