Friday, June 10, 2011

The BFM 89.9 experience

In one was real FUN!

Chwi Lynn and Meera Sivajothy were so hospitable, they made me feel right at home.  Being inside the studio was such an enjoyable experience, too.

However, time passed SO fast while the interview was on.  Of course it would, especially if you had so much more to say!

What I liked most of all was their punctuality and adherence to time.  Well, of course they would have to - it's radio!  It's just so nice to do things when time is given due respect. 

I'd like to thank BFM 89.9, particularly Chwi Lynn and Meera, for the wonderful opportunity to share what we do with their listeners. 

Thank you, too, to everyone who had tuned in, those who had sent smses before and after the talk, and emails too.  Your moral support really means a lot to me. 

Thank you!

The recording of the interview will be available on their website next week.  I asked Meera for how long the interview will be available, a week or two?

"Forever", she said.

Now, isn't that nice? 

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