Thursday, June 9, 2011

"We're eating kibbles now..."

Photo updates:

We're getting tired of milk, can we have some of Uncle Bobby's food?  Bunny normally cleans up left-overs, but he walks away and lets Fox and Rex sniff at the food.  No, don't worry, they did not eat any of the chicken.  I took it away. 

 Fox looks at the ball, but doesn't quite know what it's for.  Ah...still too young.

Rex is the first to eat dry kibbles, and here he is, claiming it for himself.

Rex loves this space behind the washing machine.  Since it's not so safe, I had put a tissue box to block it, but he climbed over and settle in comfortably.

 Fox and Honeybear still love Tiger's basket.

 In fact, all three of them do. 

Tiger's not too happy, though.  For the first time ever, we heard the feline-Gandhi hiss.  Yes, Tiger hissed at the Sunny Kittens.

 Fox must be the most photogenic of the three.

Look here, at the camera, please? 

One more, one more...without the flash this time.

 Fox learns to eat the dry kibbles as she watched Rex eating it.

 Honeybear joins in, but he just plays with the kibbles in his mouth, chewing it like chewing gum and spits them out.  He's still on the bottle.

Still the baby of the family.

 I'm full already...

 Honeybear tramples all over the kibbles...for fun!

 Oh well...a few more won't hurt.

Rex goes mountain climbing.

The baby still sucks for comfort!

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