Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is what some "humans" do

This morning, while I was at work, my husband called to tell me someone had dumped a box of five kittens in front of our gate.  

The five kittens were placed in the styrofoam box you see in the photo above, with a big rock on the lid.  

How can they breathe in a covered styrofoam box?

The kittens looked dirty and quite sickly and were very weak when my husband found them.  They felt extremely hot (because the styrofoam is not porous) and could barely move.  He texted me and I told him to syringe-feed water, which he did, and to bring them to the vet immediately.  

I only managed to get there after work.  The vet said a few of them have diarrhoea (quite watery stools) and they also have the flu.  

The Sunny Kittens are at home and have not been vaccinated as they are still too young.  Bunny and Tiger are both FIV-positive and cannot be exposed to feline illnesses.  Their immune system is already compromised.  Much as I wish I could, I cannot foster these kittens, I cannot risk getting my own cats or the Sunny Kittens sick.  It would be so unfair.  

The kittens were not in a life-threatening state because they appeared to be better when I saw them at the vet.  But, if they had not been discovered (if my husband had gone to work today), they would have died of suffocation in that styrofoam box under the hot sun by the time I reached home after work.

Whoever did this, if you are reading this posting, I want to talk to you.

If you are a human, which I believe you are, write to me at  If you have no courage to use your own name, use a pseudonym.  

But I want to talk to you.


Anonymous said...

shame on the animal who did this. no human would do this to these harmless creatures. I hope whoever did this will get his karma soon enough.

Ms.fida said...

Sapa arr cruel sgt ni...tak fikir ker anak kucing semua tuu adr nyawa gak! bleh mati kepanasan tau letak dlm box mcm tuu...sesuka hati jer :( lucky all the kittens semua takder apa2 if not tanggung arr dosa aniaya binatang :(

Anonymous said...

This is what brings SHAME to the human race especially to us, Malaysians

Joanne Lim (Klang)

Anonymous said...

KY, some of these people are not worth calling human beings. Recentlty a twerp tied three puppies to our half-way home's gate. One freed itself and got knocked down right in front of the house - imagine our shock when we went there in the morning to see one dead pup and two more yelping for help. A few days later two more young dogs were tide to the gate and then several days later we found two more adult dogs tied at the same spot. In total this sicko dumped seven dogs on us and after a spot of sleuthing we found out that a particular individual was seen in the vicinity on all the three days the incidents took place. This woman thinks she is a rescuer and picks-up every dog she sees on the streets and brings them home. Sometimes these are people's dogs. Once she is no longer able to cope, she dumps them on us like this. One of the dogs she dumped on u recently tested positive for distemper. I have lost all patience with her.


ManekiNeko said...

I agree that people who dump kittens in styrofoam crates and who tie puppies to other people's gates are not acting responsibly, but I think these two stories suggest that people WANT to help alleviate these animals' suffering, but that they don't really know how or have the ability to help in a productive way. So they do the little bit that they can, which is perhaps to catch the stray babies and dump them somewhere where at least someone else might save them.

I know how infuriating this is to the people on the receiving end -- you, KY, and you, Anonymous With Puppies. I'm not trying to make excuses for the people who dumped these small animals in such an irresponsible way, but if there is one small ray of hope in their actions, it's that they are not 100% apathetic. Maybe over time they can and will do a proper job of saving the lives of the strays they encounter. The alternative is that they learn to turn a blind eye to them. If you can start a dialogue, maybe -- maybe? -- they can learn and change. I might be a hopeless optimist, but I would love it if these folks could become partners in rescue, rather than infuriations. :-)

chankahyein said...

That is precisely why I want to talk to this human.

Huey said...

Oh my. Perhaps a little common sense would help? Dumping is one thing, but dumping in a styrofoam box with a stone on top?

I mean, imagine if it was a baby in that box... T.T

km-y said...

To whoever that dumped the kittens outside my house, first of all i hope you know that oxygen can't penetrate styrofoam. If you don't, please try it on yourself before subjecting BABY ANIMALS or any other living thing to this kind of condition. What were you trying to do, give them a painful and slow death? Secondly you could have left a note or rang the doorbell. Kittens are living beings too, please keep that in mind. I know there are many baby dumpers, not to mention animal dumpers, you don't need to be one of them. Thirdly if you misused my address to dump the kittens here, please get this through your head- 
AnimalCare is not a shelter. I don't speak on behalf of AnimalCare 
but this fact remains. In addition, please explain yourself if you are reading this and take responsibility, if you at least have a conscience to do so. So many of us rarely appreciate life, and little kittens like this are fighting just to live. Lastly, the fate of the kittens was in your hands, would you really have given it any thought if YOU might've caused them to DIE just by leaving them like that? I personally feel disgusted, disturbed, and am teetering on the assumption that you took advantage of AnimalCare if you deliberately dumped the kittens at my house for that reason because it was just "more convenient". That would be terribly selfish. So please don't give not only me, but everyone else reading this a reason to assume the same thing, if that wasn't what really happened.

Thank you.


km-y said...

But in any case, if you were trying to do the right thing in the first place, you could start here and start now by trying to fix things first.

Anonymous said...

I've had people dumping healthy cats and kittens on my grounds, even sickly dying ones but so far, they've always been left roaming freely or at worst, in open cardboard boxes. I truly, truly hope that this is a case of inappropriate action done with good intentions. If it was, I'm pretty certain most people will be forgiving. If it wasn't, then I'm speechless!

Linda Suhaili

MAthin2 said...

You don't have to look far. It's probably someone in the neighbourhood...
Time to consider a CCTV system?

azie.azureEn said...

some human just doesnt deserve to be called 'human' at all! this makes me angry to read. it reminds me of my kittens who was sunk in cold water and wrapped in newspaper and plastic bag and was hanged on the tree where we usually throw our rubbish.

Devi Narayanan said...

This is so scarry to hear Azie, really. Whoever want to dispose or dump animals, please do not do so.

If you are in the intention of merely helping the animal, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee try talking to the rescuer to check if they can help in any way.

Animal rescuers are not cruel, they go all the way out to help these innocent defendless souls. They only want to help these poor things at ANY COST.

We have to work hand-in-hand to care for these poor souls. I am extremely so say this, but please put your brains to better use.

Even a child knows its harmful to leave little babies in concealed boxes. We need not attend high school to understand this simple logic.

So, animal dumpers (or so-called rescuers), please be a bit responsible. We are always here to help you to help the animals. If you have been following up with this blog, you would have learnt the miseries rescuers go thru to save these poo innocent souls.

You need not be a saver, at least
dont be a killer. Animals have been killed more than enough.