Sunday, June 19, 2011


My house became a "BunnyCare" centre yesterday after Bunny came home from his "lancing" procedure.  He only wanted to sleep on cushions, so he went from cushion to cushion all night.  

 Bunny on the sofa.

 We had run out of surgical gloves, so we bought a new box just to get a glove to make the hot compression for Bunny's wound,

 Doing the hot compression for Bunny.  
He did not object to it. 

Last night, Bunny slept on my bed.  Cow had given up his place for Bunny.  Good boy, Cow!  So, Bunny shared the bed with Bobby (who has been sleeping on the bed for the last 15 years!).  But Bunny couldn't sleep all night.  He kept whining.  Poor Bunny was probably in pain after the anaesthesia had worn off.  Everyone has a different threshold for pain.  Cow's threshold is extremely high, Bunny's is not so.  

When Cow was about 2-3 years old, he came back one day with a big hole in his hip.  The hole was as big as a 50 sen coin.  The vet had to stitch him up under sedation and put an e-collar on him.  But Cow wormed his way out and bit off all the stitches.  I came back from work and found him with a gaping hole in his hip and walking around nonchalantly in the garden.  I quickly sent him back to the vet for the second stitching.  The vet marvelled at how Cow did not make a single noise.  "How does he stand the pain", he asked.  Then Cow bit off the stitches for the second time and was sent for the third stitching.  All through it, he never made a noise at all.  

That's Cow.  Just like a cow?  

Bunny is Cow's brother, but Bunny is a bunny....

So, poor Bunny was whining all night.  He shuffled and shifted from the blanket to the pillow, and onto my chest, etc.  There was no place on the bed for my husband, so he had to sleep on the floor!   

 This morning's breakfast.  

Bunny ate heartily, and in between his breakfast, I popped the antibiotic pill into his mouth.  Yay!!  

I figured the bandage was stressing him, so I took it off.  Bunny, on his own, had already taken off our second bandage in the bathroom last night!

The moment I took off his bandage, Bunny was so happy, he spent the next hour grooming every inch of his body, especially the parts that had been bandaged.  Cats are such naturally clean animals.

 Cow was nearby, but Bunny was afraid of him.  I now wondered if it was Cow who had fought with him.

 I had to ask Cow to sit at a distance.  I think Cow was just being concerned.  
Still, Bunny was afraid of him.  

 Yes, he groomed EVERY tiny bit of his body.

 Cow watching closely...

 After an hour's grooming...

I wanted to go into the room to do my work, but Bunny kept calling from the living room, so I had to move my computer out, to keep Bunny company.

 I'm here with you, Buns.

Then, my husband and son wanted to go out for lunch, but I said I'd stay with Bunny.  Bunny did not see me, and when he heard the car start, he panicked and started whining.  

 Hey, Bunny Bun Buns, I'm here.  Don't worry.  You won't be left alone.
That's 6.3kgs of super-manja Bunny!

That's the wound, done to drain out the pus. 

Bunny couldn't go out into the garden, so we saw him go into our toilet and squat on the toilet bowl to pee.  Good boy, Bunny!  I know of several cats who do this, without being trained.  But later he went out to the grass.  Guess he is more comfortable on the grass.  

This is the third time he's doing it today.  I missed the first two.  Priceless photo!

Bunny's been getting Fussie Cat all day.  He is eating well.  

He's sleeping now, right behind me.  The whole day today, he's been "talking" in his sleep...making sudden war-cries or whining sounds.  


keyna kina said...

awwe.. get well soon bunny :)

Huey said...

Whoa! That photo is really priceless! I never knew cats do that!

Get well soon, Bunny! :)

Mona Moochiku said...

get well soon Bunny..

jessy lian said...

Great Job Bunny for doing your 'business' in the toilet! I wish you could teach my cats to do so, then I can saved a lot on the litter sand! Wish you for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

No, from Bunny's reactions to Cow, it wasn't Cow that injured Bunny. And yes, it had been traumatic for Bunny because he is having nightmares, the way my little kitten had been after having mauled on the neck by an erratic older cat he innocently approached and tried to befriend.

Even though when this kitten had grown up (separated upstairs for many months) and the older cat later tried to be friendly, he never accepted this friendship and was always hostile towards the older boy. I guess he had been so traumatised he actually remembered the horrible ordeal to this day.

Devi Narayanan said...

Just wondering how the toilet-boy Bunny is doing now.

chankahyein said...

Bunny's fine. He was looking after me yesterday!

khim said...

ah! after countless pressings of 'Older Posts', i've finally found the priceless photo. i suggest u send this to to win some funds.

did u catch a similar one in the star, 20 july edition?