Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunny updates!!

I've been battling with a fever all day today, but this sure cheered me up!!

Sunny photos!!

From Rozita:

The Sunnies have started to befriend Rascal & Heidi yesterday. They adapt quite fast with the seniors except with Mickey. He's the hardest to bond with newbies. Thats why there's no pictures of him :D. Mickey is a loner and a 'mummies boy' (thats what my hubby calls him).

Awesome news is that Bear is the 1st to use the scratch post ! Yes you read it right. The 1st with the post. Such a clever boy. 

Fox would be the one that loves to climb and venture everywhere. She can just go missing and end up creeping slowly behind us :p. 

Rex is just adorable. He will always want cuddles from me.

Every morning before i step out for work and before i go to sleep, it will be Sunnies comfort time (MUST). After they've had their milk, Rex sucks my fingers and doze off while being carried (he wants to be carried). Bear and Fox will climb on my lap and sleep.

 Hi Rex!!

 Baby Honeybear!

 What's Honeybear up to?

 Looks like Heidi is going to be a good big sister to the Sunnies.

 Hey Bear!

 Use the scratching post, Rex, not the furniture.

Fox claims their green house.

Sure looks like the Sunnies are having such a wonderful time.  I'm so glad and grateful.

Thank you, Rozita, Sarah and Ridzlyn!


ManekiNeko said...

Please rest and let the fever pass! Get better soon... :-)

m.q said...

i'm happy for them. thx a dozen for Rozita and family.

and for u Kah Yein,
please get a good rest :)

chankahyein said...

Thanks for your good wishes, everyone. It is a viral fever, so I'd just have to ride it out!

Peggy said...

Real happy to see kittens being loved and in a good home. You really have done a good job.