Saturday, June 11, 2011

The prognosis of Bushytail's condition

I stopped by twice yesterday, to check on Bushytail's condition.

The prognosis remains grave even though Bushytail is hanging on. 

The senior vet explained to me just what had happened and how badly infected Bushytail's mammary glands were (and still are).  From the diagram drawn, it appeared that the skin on her entire underside would have had to be removed if all the infection was to be removed.  This, of course, was not possible, so they could only remove the worst of the infection and now, rely on antibiotics to do its work on the rest. 

But even then, the skin is pulled VERY tightly now in an oblique suture that stretches across her abdomen.  The vets have put three tension breakers along the entire length of the suture with the hope that these will hold on long enough for the wound to heal. 

However, the vet was being realistic when he said there is a very high chance that Bushytail might not make it OR the suture would break.  We might need repeated re-suturing, or even repeated surgeries to remove the rest of the infection if the antibiotics fail to do its job and the infection spreads further.   

He's just preparing me for the worst, I know, but having said that, he has also done similar cases where the cat (miraculously) recovers. 

So, what's left now is for Bushytail's body to heal itself and for us to help her, by sending her positive healing energy. 

Let's all do it, shall we?  Bushytail needs our moral support. 

And as I've always said, this is the plight of the stray animals.  While some think that we should let nature be and not interfere because it is meant to be that way, should we?  When we know there can be so much suffering and the stray animals have no capacity of helping themselves, shouldn't we extend a helping hand?

Support us in our One-Street CNRM, folks!  And even if you cannot do it, why not share it with others with the hope that they might be interested in doing it?  All it takes is for one person to champion the wellbeing of the strays on his/her street, and start the ball rolling.  It might catch on....

It's not easy (especially in getting indifferent people to support this project), but let's try, anyway, shall we?  Even if we cannot do the whole street, how about just half the street then? 

Remember: We may think we cannot change the world by helping one animal, but we can change the whole world for that one animal we have helped. 

If only Bushytail had been spayed earlier, she would not have to endure this suffering now. 

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Devi Narayanan said...

I definitely add on Bushytail in my prayers. The poor thing is suffering so much. I feel bad for her kitten too that two of them couldnt make it.