Saturday, June 11, 2011

A third panel vet for Subang Jaya folks!

As promised, I have now enlisted the help of a third panel vet to do spay-neuter for our One-Street CNRM programme for Subang Jaya and USJ.

However, the rates are a wee bit higher and just like our other vets, there is also no boarding.  We need to understand that the strays that we bring in may carry diseases and there are other boarded pets in the clinic, so we should not insist on boarding because it could lead to an outbreak of disease at the clinic.  Most clinics do not have an isolation ward too.

We've had cases in the past where rescuers say, "Why can't I board the animal, I'll pay!"  Well, it's not about the money, folks.  It's about being considerate.  Money may not be the solution to all problems, sometimes.  "The money is yours but the resources belong to the society" - how apt that sounds now!

So, let's work with whatever we have, shall we?  And let's do that extra bit of fostering the post-surgery animal on our front porch until full recovery before we return the animal to the colony (and continue monitoring its condition). 

CNRM is not just about catching/trapping the animal, bringing it to the vet and releasing it back.  It calls for some work and effort on our part too - fostering during recuperation and continue caring for it. 

That is why C = CARE. 

So, I'm again calling all Subang Jaya folks...would you like to support us in this long-term project in pushing for "less complaints by humans, therefore less capturing-killing of the strays"?


Then, come participate in our One-Street CNRM programme.

YOUR street!

People from outside Subang Jaya are most welcome to use our panel vets and our funds as well, but distance may be a constraint for you.

P.S.  Our vets can do at most 3 charity cases per day for us, so if you have more than that, please stagger it to 3 per day, or use the services of Klinik Kembiri (we'll subsidise/reimburse) you if you give me the original receipts and photograph of the animals. 


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