Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And.....sunny news!!!

Eagerly-awaited updates on the Sunny Kittens!!

From Rozita:
They are no longer on milk but finger sucking continues on. Bear was the last to wean off (expected :D).
Remember that Bear was always the loner. Well, not anymore. Bear plays with Rex, Fox and also the Elders now. 
And true to his name, Bear will always be the only one that goes around charging the Elders. He will bounce around like a bunny, puff up his fur and makes that cheeky nasty glance to the Elders. 
I will try get a video of that one of these days. Even taking pictures of them is quite hard nowadays as they are always running and hiding around the house. 
But, there's one sweetheart that always love to have his picture taken, which is BEAR. He just loves the camera.



They've grown....

 They still have their first playhouse!


The one and only.....Honeybear!

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