Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wii's secret is out!!

Wii was one of my rescued cats.  

More than a year ago, my alphas (Cow and Bunny) started chasing poor Wii out into the alley, and Wii's constant mewing there incurred the wrath of my back neighbour who threatened Wii in very frightening ways.  Long story cut short, I asked Roselin if Wii could live with her (for his own safety from my wrathful neighbour) and Roselin took Wii in.  

Ever since living with Roselin, Wii has not been able to get along with any of Roselin's cats.  Roselin tried, till her wits' end, but Wii just wanted to be alone. 

So, Wii got the wet and dry kitchen and has his own place.....until....

Lucky the white dog came back to Roselin's house (after two failed adoptions, poor little Lucky).  Wii instantly made friends with Lucky by nosing each other!

And that's not all, Roselin is also fostering a huge dog named after the legendary John Wayne, and when John Wayne came into the kitchen the other day, Wii was so happy he rolled on his tummy, inviting John Wayne to play!

Roselin was perplexed and amused, so she texted me.

I told her why - Wii probably associates all cats as being the enemy and he probably remembers Bobby as the only kind animal-friend he had while he was with me.  Bobby fostered every kitten I brought back.  

Hence, for Wii, cats are the enemies and dogs are friends!

I'm happy Wii has finally found some friends now, in Roselin's house - the dogs!!


Anonymous said...

This is not very good ... I teach all my cats to fear dogs because packs of stray dogs killed many of the stray cats in my neighbourhood, including 7 of my rescues.

chankahyein said...

Thank you for alerting us - I'll let Roselin know. Wii is kept totally indoors at Roselin's house. We did not teach Wii to like dogs, but he grew up with Bobby, so he developed that idea by himself.

Anonymous said...

I feel so happy to learn that Wii has two friends now.

I hope Lucky and John Wayne will not be given up for adoptions by Roselin.