Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Sunny Kittens' new bungalow

Photo updates:

 The sunny kittens have migrated from their carrier to this new bungalow.

 Honeybear can finally suck from the bottle. 
No more syringe-feeding now.

 The three play together very happily.

 It reminds me of Tumble Tots!

 Honeybear is the first to groom himself!

 Bungalows aside, they still love Uncle Bobby's warmth.

 Good old Uncle Bobs!

This is Tiger's basket. 
They've taken it as well!

Last night, I tried ONE (just one piece) of soaked Baby Cat kibble on each of them.  Fox and Honeybear spat them out, but Rex took his quite happily. 

This morning, they each had ONE soaked kibble again.  Just one piece each.  I hope their stomachs will gradually adjust to the kibbles in time.

1 comment:

m.q said...

yay for Honeybear,Fox & Rex...

and double yay for Uncle Bobby too.
he is such a good boy!!!

BoBo Salem & ChaCha