Friday, June 17, 2011

A football game for the Sunny Kittens

Ming-Yi is back and after having been gone for just 3 days, she says the Sunny Kittens are so much bigger now.

 I'm beginning to think Rex has some affinity with Calculus....from a previous life, perhaps...

 Ming-Yi made some paper footballs for them to play with.  

 They love it!

 Yay!!  It's definitely more fun than the store-bought ball with a bell.

 And...Rex gets the,'s Fox.  Yes, Fox has the ball now and she's heading straight for the goal post....and....she shoots....!!

 Rex lapping milk at half-time....a kitten needs to replenish his energy for the second half.

Fox joins him, but doesn't quite know how to lap milk yet...Uncle Bobby has to be restrained.  As blind as he is, he can smell milk.  Cow is looking on too.

Er....where is Honeybear...??

Here he asleep, while everyone was cheering at the football match!

 Rex and Fox join him, and now, he gets up!


Devi Narayanan said...

I think its your catchy captions that make us read the kitties mind, am I right?

Catherina said...

I am going to miss these 3 little kitties very much. To their new owner please do let us all have their updates whenever you can.