Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wii has a friend now....Lucky, the dog!

Wii was one of my rescues, along with his sister, Vixey.  Vixey was a pygmy cat (and was predicted to have a short life-span since her organs would degenerate fast).  After Vixey passed away, Wii exiled himself to my back alley and Cow and Bunny also chased him away.  As though that was not bad enough, my back neighbour hated Wii as he tends to make a lot of mewing noises whenever he came home to eat (which he did, several times a day).

Things came to a head when my back neighbour started losing his cool and got vicious.  I had to rehome Wii for his own safety.  

Roselin was kind enough to take in Wii, but from the extremely timid cat that he was in my household, he became a big bully in Roselin's house.  Wii was hostile towards Roselin's cats and it took Roselin much patience to handle Wii.

After many months, Wii was rehomed to a lady who simply adored him and he became the prince in her house, the only cat in the house.  Unfortunately, this lady travelled widely and would leave Wii with friends, who did not quite have any plans to keep Wii safely.  Roselin found out and brought Wii home.  

So, Wii is still with Roselin now, and he gets the wet and dry kitchen in her house, master of all he surveys, away from the other cats.  Roselin has since been trying very hard to socialise Wii with the newcomer-cats, but to no avail.  A mother-cat from KLPAC was interested to be friends, but Wii shied away.  

It seemed like Wii just wants to be an only cat.  Some animals tend to be like that.  For example, Bobby wants to be an only dog, but doesn't mind the cats at all.  

Long story cut short, Lucky the dog (returned twice by two separate adopters) had just been spayed two days ago and Roselin had to confine her in Wii's place.

Guess what?

Wii and Lucky have become friends now.  

Wii the cat and Lucky the dog.....are good friends.

What is short in this little story is a photo....I hope Roselin can provide one!

So, sometimes in life, we cannot get along with our own kind, but we can, with others.  That happens to us humans, too, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Am so happy for Wii that he has found a friend in Lucky the dog.

Wii's perception may be that cats are unfriendly given his bad experiences with Cow and Bunny but dogs are friendly. Wii probably remembers Bobby and how friendly Bobby was to him.

Devi Narayanan said...

Cool new indeed.