Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pole comes home!!

After going repeatedly over to the neighbours to carry Pole back and ward off Indy's ambush attempts, Pole came home by herself this morning for breakfast!

Pole has been so terrified of Indy who has been bullying her, but recently, he started blocking Pole from coming home, and poor Pole had not come home for 2 days until we "interfered" with the case. 

 Pole has always preferred kibbles.
(This morning's breakfast)

 The only other food she likes is Fussie Cat.

One hour after everyone had eaten, Indy came back.  He's been feeling pretty bad ever since he got the scolding, I guess.  So he didn't dare eat with the rest. 

Ok, you may eat, but don't be naughty anymore. 

Meanwhile, Cow is also having some "issues" of his own.  Ming-Yi said the day I brought the kittens back, Cow immediately went upstairs to Ming-Yi's room and lodged a full report (complaint?) to her. 


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