Saturday, May 3, 2014

Zurik attacks Rosie and someone comes to her rescue!

It all happened too fast.

I was sewing and Mr Zurik was sitting on the table. Suddenly, he jumped off and there was a loud war cry in the living room. I looked and Mr Zurik was chasing Rosie all over the living room.

Rosie was really scared and let out a desperate appeal for help.

Who came to Rosie's rescue?

Not Daffodil, but....Heidi!

Yes, Heidi dashed forward and confronted Mr Zurik.

Of course I was also yelling for them to stop so Mr Zurik stopped in his tracks and hid under the chair.


Mr Zurik, subdued by Heidi.

Rosie had run to the patio door by then, waiting to the let out. All the PatioCats had fled.


Daffodil and Timmy were in the porch.


Rosie was in the porch too.

Ginger was nowhere to be seen.


Heidi was still in the living room. By now, she had gone under the next chair, keeping an eye on the bully, Mr Zurik.

What a gutsy little Heidi!

By dinner time, Ginger was in the house.



Dinner as usual.


How silly...Mr Zurik could not even pull off something so simple...

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