Monday, May 12, 2014

A kenduri and the cats disappear!

There was a kenduri on my road today and all morning, there were trucks going by and soon, lots and lots of visitors arrived.

The cats were wary and stayed in the porch. In fact, Daffodil was smart, she was inside the house all day.

However, soon, the kenduri started and they played loud music.

By dinner time, only Timmy, Vincent, Heidi and Mr Zurik were at the patio. Daffodil's family was missing.

Daffodil must have taken them to her secret shelter to hide from all the surge of strange humans, vehicles and loud music. We don't know where Daffodil's shelter is, but we figured it's probably as secure as a bomb shelter or sorts because she has survived in this neighbourhood for more than 10 years now.

By 5pm, I went out to the road to look for them.

There was no sign of Daffodil, Ginger or Rosie.

I was getting worried. Could a visitor have taken them? After all, Ginger is so friendly. A grass-cutter noticed I was looking for something and asked if he could help. I said I was looking for cats. Then he said he saw a "kucing kuning" go past a house towards the back. Hmm...that could be Ginger.

Maybe Ginger read my mind, because soon after that, I saw him coming back quickly on the ledge route. The grass-cutter was probably right, as Ginger came back from that direction.


Ginger's back!

I went out looking for Daffodil and Rosie but to no avail.


After about an hour, Daffodil came back to the patio!


She quickly groomed Ginger.


After feeding Daffodil, I went out to look for Rosie. I was getting worried already.


That's Marcel down the road.

mini-P5110809 mini-P5110810

This looked like Vincent. Is that you, Vincent?


Timmy gave his moral support.

mini-P5110812 mini-P5110814

Rosie still had not turned up.

After another half hour...




She ate her food, which is good.

mini-P5110819 mini-P5110821 mini-P5110822 mini-P5110824

This is a new blanket in the making!

Sneak peek: Horses!


Ginger and Rosie play in the storeroom.

mini-P5110829 I would think Rosie is already feeling much better.

She seems as normal as can be.

I could have been paranoid yesterday, but better be paranoid than sorry, right? But she did have a 40.2 degree fever, and either her own body fought off the infection or maybe the Doxy helped. I know Doxy is supposed to work within 48 hours.

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