Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pole's new throne


This is Pole's condo.

She lets her daughter, Cleo, stay in the condo and when she does, Pole will take the penthouse.

But lately, Pole has a new "throne"...


Can you find Pole?




Yes, she is on top of that big cushion and she loves it!


It does amaze me that Pole is a big eater, in the same league as Titans Indy and Tiger (even Cow and Bunny), and she sleeps most of the time, and yet, her built is athletic and supermodel-like.

How does she do it?

mini-P5230933What is your secret, Pole?

Is it just a high metabolic rate or do you have a secret gym somewhere?

Hmm....wouldn't you like to know? 


Susan said...

Hehe Pole so cute ^^ She look clean, do you bath them often?

chankahyein said...

I haven't bathed Pole in...probably the last 5 years! Nope, I don't bathe the cats...ha ha. They groom themselves. Or maybe there is a secret salon that they go to when I'm at work? :)