Sunday, May 18, 2014

WHO rained urine on me?? Poor Tabs...

Oh yes, I've been sprayed on before - by Cow, Bunny and even Indy (the top three sprayers). I'd like to think it's because they wanted to claim ownership and not because they are angry at me, or something like that.

Since we don't know for sure, why not think positively, right?

Spraying is the marking of territory, hence, it is the claiming of ownership, which isn't such a bad thing, isn't it? It's better than a cat wants to OWN you rather than run away from you!

So yesterday, Tabs was minding her own business, sleeping on the table in the room when suddenly, Indy came in, turned around and sprayed ON poor Tabs!

Yes, I saw it all with my own eyes.

Tabs was rudely awakened with a jolt and jumped up from her peaceful slumber.

What happened? Where's this water coming from? 

Is it raining? smells....

Yucks, it's pee...!!!  Ewww, ewww....

Mommy.....Indy pee-ed on me!!!


tabs sprayed on

 Poor little Tabs...I had to take a wet towel and wipe her all over.

Indy just calmly walked out to the pantry, jumped onto the pantry slab and sprayed (again!) on the pantry wall.

Then, he just looked at me, like he was saying, "I suppose you'd want to clean this up too, eh?"

Yups, I would.

What can you do about it except to clean it up, right?

Hence, Bacoff're my lifesaver!

bacoff sanitiser indy on bench

You go ahead and clean, I want to sleep.


Susan said...

Lol, they will still spray after neuter?

Norely Abd Rahman said...

My daughter Sarah was sprayed by our cat Benjy while she was having her breakfast. Well, Sarah is now forever Benjy's territory!

chankahyein said...

Oh yes. Spraying/Marking is related to their territorial nature, which may not be related to their mating instinct.

Peggy Quah said...

I have to keep my fingers crossed, so far the males that I have neutered has not done that. I have a headache of one that has not been neutered sigh.... He is young n he's fast, not letting him into the house is one thing he will go front n back n spray on everywhere he passes n howls like a lovesick cow when I lock him when some one is on heat.

chankahyein said...

Mine all started spraying AFTER being neutered. It was when when I started fostering kitten bigtime - that got them territorial and the spraying started because of that. I didn't realise it then and by the time I did, the habit had already been formed. So it's partly my own fault....sobs.