Sunday, May 11, 2014

11.10pm: Rosie eats!

So Rosie was making a racket in the cage for quite sometime and I just had to let her be.


It wasn't Ginger or Daffodil accompanying her, but Timmy.

But we did wonder whether Timmy is accompanying Rosie or just staking a claim on his cage...

By about 11pm, I went to check on Rosie and found that she had almost toppled her litter box, her water bowl was full of litter (oh my gosh!) and her cage needed to be reorganised.

Litter sand will not do. So I cleaned up the area (luckily the cage has wheels) and replaced the litter sand with newspaper. But Rosie kept whining and I had a hunch that maybe, just maybe she was hungry?

So I tried some kibbles. She sniffed at it and didn't want any of it.


But something told me she may still be hungry...somehow when you have looked after them long enough, you kind of...know.

So I took out a can of Monge and placed a tablespoonful of it into her bowl.


Yups, Rosie is eating!!

And Timmy wants some too...


Clearly, one tablespoon wasn't enough, and I had to keep replenishing the food.

Each time I opened the cage door, Timmy tried to get inside, so that was a challenge too.

Timmy wants food, Timmy wants food!


Rosie finally ended up eating almost one can (minus the last two tablespoons).

But Timmy also wants food!!


 And of course, her whole extended family had supper with her.

Timmy gets food!!

I hope Rosie is on the road to recovery from whatever infection that could have caused the fever.

Thank you, everyone, for wishing her well!


jasmine ong said...

Sleep well tonight dear Rosie. May you be in the pink of health again soon!

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Get well soon Rosie!